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Greener Concrete, Better World

Carbon Strong provides carbon-reduction technologies that help concrete makers build better businesses and produce cleaner concrete

About Us

Concrete is responsible for 8% of global CO2 emissions

More than all the world's bikes, scooters, trucks, trains and airplanes combined!

CarbonStrong’s innovative technology changes that.Through a process called carbon mineralization, it reduces carbon footprint of concrete, without compromising on cost and performance.

Why Work with US

CarbonStrong solution has a strong value proposition for concrete makers & end-consumers

Improve Profitability

Reduce cement consumption, improve margins without incurring upfront capital investment

Gain More Business

Build competitive advantage and win more clients in growing green concrete business

Get Started Quickly

Leverage our easily configurable retrofit kit in your existing plant at no upfront cost

Get Greener Concrete

Reduce carbon footprint, and earn extra income through carbon credits and a unique product

Potential Impact of our technology

CarbonStrong's solution has huge potential toward carbon reduction in India

40 Million

CO2 emissions reduced (metric tonnes) annually in 2030

12 Million

Cars taken off the road (CO2 emissions equivalent)

160 Million

Trees planted (CO2 emissions reduction equivalent)

100 Billion

Litres of Water saved

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Join us in the fight against climate change

We are fundamentally innovating the way our buildings are built.If you want to build in large markets and solve tough problems, join our team!

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